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Trialtech Bromsolja/Brakefluid 250ML

160.00 kr

– High performance hydraulic brake fluid specifically developed for bike trials by British brand Trialtech.
– Uses a water-based composition, with very low viscosity, to provide a sharp, responsive, more direct lever feel.
– Furthermore, at the same time it ensures complete lubrication of washers and inner components, contrary to other fluids like water.
– Its freezing point sits around -12ºC, which means you can ride even at the coldest weather conditions.
– It’s been blended from superior materials to a high standard of purity, which makes it biodegradable and non-toxic.
– 100% made in the United Kingdom.
– It’s recommended to store the brake fluid in its original container, replacing the cap tightly after use.
– Supplied as a 250ml bottle.

– 287.50g

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