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Skiva fram/Front Disc brake 160mm

309.00 kr

– Front brake disc made of high quality stainless steel and using an exclusive composition and roughness.
– Incorporates a new reinforced structure that helps to better support axial and radial forces
– Wide braking area with asymmetric central rib that improves the feel and braking power.
– Standard fixing system (ISO standard) with 6 screws.
– Compatible with the vast most of disc brakes on the market.
– Multiple perforations in the braking area that help reduce weight and provide more dry and direct braking.
– NOTE: Use only and exclusively in the front
– Stainless Steel
– Outside diameter: 160mm
– Thickness: 1.8mm
– Maximum braking surface: 22mm
– 92g
– Silver with COMAS logos laser engraved.
Additional Information
It is recommended to make a preliminary run of the disc for a few hours before starting to practice trial.
In this way the disc and the pads should be gradually heated until reaching a temperature that allows the transfer of material from the pad to the friction surface of the disc.

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